Anti Aliasing

Quick run-down on some AA type:

FXAA – No performance hit. Is the worst looking AA method, and isn’t very effective at smaller resolutions. Can cause the entire image to look blurrier than usual. That said, combining FXAA with 4x MSAA is usually the most effective, and best performing AA method you can get. FXAA is also good for performance at 2K or 4K resolutions. 
TXAA – Very demanding, but also very effective. This also has the tendency to blur the entire image, making it look more like smooth, film-stock. While it looks nice, it’s not for everyone.
MSAA – The most effective and cleanest image. At 4x MSAA you get the best balance between performance and image quality. Of course, 8x presents the best image quality, and almost completely removes all traces of aliasing.
I’ll be using FXAA and 4x MSAA at 1080p I think, though TXAA will be worth trying, to see the performance impact.

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